Legal note


RESTAURANT ABaC S.L., hereinafter ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL, notifies Users that it complies with all legislation in force on data protection, especially Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection, RLOPD 1720/2007 and Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services.

In accordance with the terms of current legislation, ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL only collects data that are strictly necessary to provide the services stemming from its activity and other benefits, services and activities attributed by law.

The present data protection policy could change over time due to possible legislative and legal changes or any other criteria heeded by the Spanish Data Protection Agency and/or the competent authority at any given time. For this reason, ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL reserves the right to modify the present legal notice to adapt it to new legislation or case law requirements that are in force at the time of accessing the websites, as well to heed sector practices.

In these cases, ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL shall announce the changes made with sufficient advance notice to put them into practice.


All data provided by email or through online forms shall be handled in accordance with current legislation in force on personal data protection, and in all cases shall be handled as confidential by the personnel at ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL who work with this information.



Website Users are notified that the responses to the questions posed on the data collection forms contained on this website are voluntary. However, if you do not provide this information, it may be impossible to access the services that thus require these data.


By accessing and filling out the forms included on the different websites on the services provided by ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL, Users accept that the data they provide shall be added to and handled in a personal data file, of which ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL is the owner, and they may exercise the pertinent rights according to the clause below.


With respect to the data collected as described in the previous point, Users can exercise the rights recognised by Organic Law 15/1999, in particular the rights to access, rectify, oppose and/or cancel data. The rights set out in the last paragraph can be exercised by each User by sending a written and signed letter to Córcega, 255, 08036 Barcelona, with the subject: Data protection, or by sending an email to, stating the right they wish to exercise in the subject.

Likewise, if Users do not want to receive information via email or any other method, they may send notice to this end by any means that has proof of receipt toABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL at the aforesaid addresses.



Only basic contact details, such as name, surname and email. This information is received by ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL and is never sold, ceded or rented to other companies, except in the logical case when it is for the provision of service.

ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL is responsible for these personal data files, created by and for ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL for the purposes of maintaining and managing relationships with Users, information on and distribution of the organisation’s products, as well as the holding of a wide range of activities.


We also notify you that the information in databases may be used to identify Users and to conduct statistical studies on registered Users.

During the data collection process, and whenever data are requested, Users shall be informed of the compulsory or voluntary nature of said data collection and, if not implicitly deduced from the electronic formula in question, on the need to implement them in order for Users to access specific contents provided on these websites.

As applicable, Users shall be asked for their consent so that ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL can make use of their data to send them information on the entity, the activities it conducts or other related topics.


Entering data on one or more data collection pages entails accepting the present usage terms and conditions and privacy policy, where it is understood that Users have been notified of the usage conditions and the legal notice of this usage. Users therefore pledge to fully comply with them while browsing and taking part on the website


Except when Users have been notified about the possible cession of their data to third parties, and their consent has been received, and except in those cases set out by current legislation in force, no third party outside ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL shall have access, without Users’ express consent, to their personal and/or browsing details. In all other cases, ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL shall work to ensure that third parties comply with current legislation in force, although responsibility shall be demanded of these third parties.

ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL does not sell, rent or cede the personal data of Users of this website, except when it is necessary to provide service.

ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL does not sell, rent or cede Users’ emails to other companies, except when it is necessary to provide service.


At times, ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL sends emails with notifications on improvements, new features and offers, which take place on the website of ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL. You can be removed from this list at any time by sending an email to


Both accessing and websites and any use that may be made of the information and contents included therein shall be the exclusive responsibility of the parties who access and use the site.

Therefore, any use that may be made of the information, images, contents and/or products detailed and accessible through the site shall be subordinate to legality, both national and international as applicable, as well as the principles of good faith and legal use by Users, who shall be fully responsible for proper access and use.

Users shall be obligated to responsibly use all services and contents, under the principle of good faith and respecting current law in force, moral tenets, public order, best practices, the rights of third parties and ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL, all in accordance with the possibilities and purposes for which they were created.ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL does not assume any direct or indirect liability for consequential damage or loss of earnings caused by Users or third parties.


In compliance with the duty to provide information, as set out in article 10 of the valid Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, we herein notify Users that the party in charge of the website from which different applications can be downloaded is ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL(RESTAURANT ABAC S.L.), holding NIF (Spanish Tax ID) number B-62175914, with registered address at Avda. Tibidabo, 1, 08022 Barcelona - Spain, the internet domain and the email


The usage of this website entails the status as User, and involves the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in this Legal Notice, in its version published by ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL at the time when Users access the website. Consequently, Users must carefully read the present Legal Notice each time that they use the website, as it may have undergone modifications.


ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL shall not be held responsible for websites that are not its own, which may be accessed via links, or via any other contents made available by third parties.

Any use of a link or access to a third-party website is done under Users’ own wishes and exclusive risk and ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL does not recommend or guarantee any information obtained via a link not owned by ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL. It shall take no responsibility for any losses, claims or damages stemming from the use or misuse of a link, or for the information obtained via said link, including other links or websites, for interruption to the service or access, or for trying to use or poorly using a link, both when connecting to the website of ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL, and when accessing information on other websites from the website of ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL.


Cookies may be used on some pages of this website. The purpose of these cookies is to improve the service provided to its customers and to our visitors.

Cookies are small data files that are generated by Users’ computers that let this information be obtained:

  • Date and time of the last time the User visited our website
  • Design of contents that Users selected during their first visit to the website
  • Security features that participate in controlling access to restricted areas


The information and services included or available via the websites may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. Changes shall be made periodically to the information contained. ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL can make improvements and/or changes to the services and contents at any time.

ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL has obtained the information and materials included on this website from sources that are considered reliable. Although every effort and measure has been taken to ensure that the contents are correct, their exactitude and actuality cannot be guaranteed.

It is also herein notified that the contents of this website have an informative purpose with respect to the quality, location, accommodation, services and rates ofABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL.


ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL waives any and all responsibility in the event of interruptions or in the event that the services or contents offered on the Internet are interrupted or operate poorly. ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL shall not be held responsible for network crashes, losses of business due to these crashes, temporary cuts in electricity or any other type of indirect damage that could be caused to Users by causes that cannot be controlled by ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL.

ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL does not declare or guarantee that the services and contents shall not be interrupted or that they are free from errors, that defects shall be corrected or that the service or server that makes them available is free from viruses or other harmful elements, without prejudice to the fact that ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL makes all efforts to avoid these types of incidents.

If Users take certain decisions or actions based on the information included on any of its websites, it is advisable to verify information received by also employing other sources.


The contents provided by ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL, as well as contents posted on the network via its websites, represent a ‘work’, with respect to legislation on intellectual property that is protected by law and international agreements that are applicable on this topic.

Any type of reproduction, distribution, public disclosure, transformation, placement on market and, in general, any other act of public operation referring both to the websites and their contents and information, without the express and previous written consent of ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL is prohibited.

Consequently, all contents displayed on the different websites and, in particular, designs, texts, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software, trade names, brands, industrial drawings or any other signs liable for industrial or commercial use shall be subject to intellectual and industrial property rights of ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL or of third parties owning them that have duly authorised their inclusion on the different websites.

The contents, images, methods, opinions, indexes and other formal expressions that are included on the websites, as well as the software needed for their operation and visualisation, also represent a 'work' with regard to authors' rights and are therefore protected by international conventions and national legislation on intellectual property that are applicable. Non-compliance with these terms represents committing serious illegal acts and their subsequent sanction by civil and criminal law.

Any actions by virtue of which Users of contents or services could directly or indirectly, totally or partially, operate or commercially employ any of the contents, images, methods, indexes and other formal expressions that are part of the websites without previous written permission from ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL are prohibited.

These prohibitions include, but are not limited to, reproduction, distribution, exhibition, broadcasting, rebroadcasting, emission in any form, storage on physical and logical supports (for example, computer disks or hard drives), digitisation or making available from databases other than those owned or authorised by ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL, as well as their translation, adaptation, arrangement or any other transformation of these opinions, images, designs, indexes and other formal expressions made available to Users via the services and contents, in so far as these actions are subject to applicable legislation on intellectual, industrial or image protection property.

ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL is free to limit access to the websites and to the products and/or services offered therein, as well as the consequent publication of the opinions, comments, images and remarks that Users may submit by email.

In this respect, ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL may establish, if it deems timely and without prejudice to the fact that Users are solely and exclusively responsible, the filters needed to prevent that contents or opinions could be posted on its websites that are considered racist, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic, defamatory or that foster violence or dissemination of clearly illegal or damaging contents in any way.

Except when otherwise clearly and unmistakably otherwise stated, Users who send suggestions, remarks, opinions or comments via the email service to the pertinent department of ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL, and in those cases in which it is considered possible due to the nature of these services or contents, it shall be understood that these Users authorise ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL to reproduce, distribute, exhibit, broadcast, rebroadcast, emit in any format, store on physical or logical supports (for example computer disks or hard disks), digitisation, making available from the databases owned by ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL, translation, adaptation, arrangement or any other transformation of these remarks, opinions and comments, for the entire period of time that the author’s right is protected by law. It is also understood that this authorisation is done free of charge, and the mere fact of sending these remarks, opinions or comments by email entails Users declining any claims for financial compensation from ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL.

In accordance with that which is set out in the previous paragraph, ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL is also authorised to proceed to the modification or alteration of these remarks, opinions and comments, in order to adapt them to the needs of the publishing format of the websites. This does not entail any damage whatsoever to any of the moral powers of author’s rights that Users could hold for these items.

All technical, logical and technological resources by which a third party could benefit directly or indirectly, with or without earnings, from each and every one of the contents, forms, indexes and other formal expressions that are part of the websites, or the effort taken by ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL for their operation is prohibited. Concretely, all links, hyperlinks, frames or similar links that could be established toward the websites of ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL are prohibited, without the previous, express and written consent of ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL. Any violation of that which is set out in this point shall be considered damage to the legitimate intellection property rights of ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL on the websites and all their contents.

ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL shall not assume any responsibility for any consequences stemming from the aforesaid conducts and actions, and likewise shall assume no responsibility for third-party contents, services, products, etc. that could be accessed directly through banners, links, hyperlinks, frames or similar links from the websites of ABaC RESTAURANT&HOTEL

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